VEF Partners is a U.S. based private investment fund firm that is interested in partnering or investing in early to middle stage companies in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim that are able to demonstrate the ability to grow and prosper within unique niche markets when provided with the financial support to succeed.

VEF Partners manages capital on behalf of our network of both institutional and individual investors located in North America and Europe. We secure commitments from these investors and pool them to create investment funds that we launch one at a time.

VEF Partners only invests in a small number of companies per year, allowing us to concentrate on a select group of portfolio companies which fit within our investment criteria. We believe in investing in companies with strong management teams and partner with them to create sustainable value over the long term.

Where other U.S. investors see obstacles to doing business overseas VEF Partners sees tremendous opportunities to invest in underserved markets.


We invest at every stage from seed to growth in a myriad of industry sectors.


Our primary focus is on companies in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.



Our management team has a combined 157 years investing in Europe and Asia.